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Label: Lion Music – Release date: Nov 16 2012

01. Hyperuranium.
02. The Others.
03. The Road.
04. Covered.
05. Year Of The Hunger.
06. Clouds and Shales.
07. Before Abigail.
08. Liquid Memories.
09. Antikythera.
10. Venice.
11. The Arising of Volition.
12. Venice (instrumental).

Debbie Hyshka – Vocals on Venice
Massimiliano Lombardo – Piano, Keyboards, programming and arrangements on “Venice” and “Venice (instr.)”
Gilles Boscolo (ASHENT) – Keyboard solo on “Clouds and Shales”
Jacopo Semenzato – Guest phrase on “Antikythera”

Produced by Enrico Longhin & The Moor.
Mixed by Enrico Longhin at Flameout Studio.
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studio.